Eco Friendly Gifts

Too often we give gifts that are over packaged, over wrapped, and under used.  So much energy and materials are used up in the manufacturing of these items and often gifts are forgotten about or disposed of if they aren’t useful.  Even for the more thoughtful gifts, alternatives exist that will allow you to give earth friendly gifts rather than those that create excess garbage and pollution.

Make Your Own Earth Friendly Gifts

Homemade gifts may be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone.  It shows you care enough to put your own time and energy into the gift and allows you to get creative.  This option can usually save you money and will almost always eliminate unnecessary packaging.

Deciding on the homemade earth friendly gift you’d like to give can be determined either by using a talent you’re passionate about or by basing it on something your recipient loves.  For the best gifts, you can give according to the interests both of you share.  For example, if you love to bake and they have an addiction to chocolate chip cookies, bake them up a batch of your favourite recipe and put them in a reusable tin.

Homemade gifts can include ideas such elaborate home cooked meals, a sweater or scarf knit from 100% organic wool, or a personalized piece of art or poetry you’ve created just for them.  By using your strengths and determining your recipient’s interests you’ll be able to give the most appreciated and earth friendly gifts.

Online and Digital Gifts

Gifts that have absolutely no packaging or material mass can still be incredibly thoughtful and cherished.  Purchasing online subscriptions, paying for gaming memberships, buying e-books and music downloads, or donating to their favourite charity will completely eliminate the waste made from manufactured products.  These earth friendly gifts allow you to give your friends things they want and can actually use.

Organic Gifts

If a store bought gift is the best choice for you, earth friendly gifts can still be found by choosing items made from biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable materials.  If you’re giving clothes, pick them out something made of 100% pure cotton, wool, or hemp.  Gift baskets containing organic foods can be extremely welcome around the holidays as they can be opened and shared by everyone.

Giving earth friendly gifts may also encourage your recipients to take the environment into consideration.  With whatever gift you choose to give them, you may also be giving them the gift of education by reminding them that our environment needs to be protected and even the smallest of steps can help prevent further pollution.

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