Why Should You Use Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

As it becomes more and more important to protect our environment and repair the damage we’ve already done to it, more companies are providing us with greener choices and earth friendly cleaning products are a great place to start your endeavour to help prevent any further pollution.

Check Labels

Reading the labels on earth friendly cleaning products will allow you to determine if they are indeed environmentally safe.  Some products may claim to be all natural, or good for the environment, but they may only contain one or two natural ingredients and the rest may still be harsh chemicals.  Checking the label for unwanted ingredients will ensure you are purchasing truly earth friendly cleaning products.

Manufacturing Techniques

Earth friendly cleaning products should not only contain ingredients that are safe for the environment, the process in which they are made should be eco-friendly as well.  The packaging should be minimal, biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable.  Researching the manufacturers of certain earth friendly cleaning products will give you some insight into their specific practices and will help you determine if they’re an eco-friendly company you can trust.

Toxins in Your Home and Environment

When using commercial cleaning supplies, not only are the chemicals going to pollute the earth from manufacturing and waste disposal, they will contaminate your home as well.  Using bleach and other toxic chemicals to clean your house with will regularly expose your family to harmful fumes.  Small children often touch everything with their hands and mouths so using earth friendly cleaning products will potentially prevent them from ingesting any harmful substances.

Home Remedy Cleaning Tricks

You can find earth friendly cleaning products already in your own home.  Most of the ingredients in eco safe products consist of natural ingredients such as water, vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.  Using combinations of these products, as well as natural soaps, will be just as effective in cleaning your home while saving you money.

Polishing furniture with a little bit of olive oil on a cloth can give it a lustrous shine; using a mixture of water and vinegar in a spray bottle can clean glass and mirrors just as well as any commercial products.  Reducing packaging wastes and using milder cleaning supplies can help you save the planet while allowing you to save some money as well.

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