Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

The disposable plastic shopping bags we see people carrying out of stores in armfuls are a wasteful convenience that can easily be replaced with earth friendly shopping bags.  Plastic bags deplete the earth’s oil and paper bags ravage the forests and lumber supplies.  The manufacturing process of these bags we so casually toss away also contributes to the pollution of the environment.  Earth friendly shopping bags can be reused and recycled and are usually made from biodegradable materials.

Earth Friendly Shopping Bags Save You Money

Quite often reusable tote bags are free as promotional items or can be purchased at very low costs.  More and more shopping stores these days are charging for plastic bags in an effort to reduce waste and pollution.  By carrying your own earth friendly shopping bags with you, you can avoid paying for disposable bags while using them to carry other personal items such as books, gym gear, water bottles, or wallets.

Eco Friendly Shopping Bags

Made From Natural Materials

Earth friendly shopping bags can come in many different styles, colour, sizes, and fabrics.  Some reusable tote bags may not be made from eco-friendly materials, so make sure you’re buying one that is biodegradable and can be recycled.

Some earth friendly shopping bags are made from cotton, canvas, or mesh, while others may be made from new eco-friendly types of plastic.  These plastics are recyclable and strong enough to be used over and over for quite some time.  These plastic earth friendly bags can be made from 100% polypropylene, 100% polyethylene, or 100% post consumer PET recycled water bottles.

Used As a Promotional Product

Many companies give these earth friendly shopping bags away as a marketing tool.  They are able to show that their company cares about the environment while having their label displayed like a mini billboard on the side of a bag their customers are walking around with.  Some of these bags can be quite fashionable and may come in the form of a shoulder bag or backpack.  Many people will reuse these often, especially when the logo is from a popular high end store.

Earth friendly shopping bags are made to be inexpensive, yet durable.  They offer an eco-friendly alternative to the drastically wasteful, disposable plastic and paper bags.  With the increasing reduction of natural assets on our planet, taking every possible step we can to reduce waste will prevent further pollution and contamination to our world.

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